Anna Sedokova named his son in honor of the Trojan hero

Анна Седокова назвала сына в честь троянского героя Until recently famous singer chose not to share the details about the charming baby, which was born about a month and a half ago, but recently, the star made an exception. During the conversation with journalists Anna Sedokova declassified the name of the beautiful child.

In early April, Anna Sedokova became a mother for the third time. The singer gave birth to a charming boy. The singer was looking forward to the addition to the family. Daughter Anna counted the days until the fun with the adorable brother.

Anna Sedokova hinted at separation from loved

Currently, the singer is gradually returning to normal life. In a recent interview, Anna decided to lift the veil of secrecy over the name of the son. By the way, exactly the same name of the hero of the Trojan war, brave Hector. In addition, the star talked about the nature of the child. In recognition Sedokova, baby grows very thoughtful.

“His name is Hector. English written Gektor. I wanted ancient Greek or Roman name. And somehow it is attracted. My son – superiority guy. And I think it absolutely lives up to its name. In General, no one could guess what we called it! Even assumptions such was not,” shared the celebrity.

At the moment, Anne comes into shape after childbirth. The actress visits the gym and doing exercises to shed pounds gained during pregnancy. “It’s been almost a month and a half, and nothing hurts. That’s good. Even did a full cardio, and this is the most difficult for me. As for hardware, I want to say thanks again to my coach, who in twenty years has shown me the basic set of exercises. I use it still, adding new” – wrote the singer in his microblog.

Sedokova also revealed that actively preparing for the TV channel music awards RU.TV. The long-awaited event will take place on 27 may in Moscow. A famous singer will become an honorary guest of the ceremony. Among other celebrities that are expected at the soiree, was Philip Kirkorov, Svetlana Loboda, Valery Meladze, Elena Temnikova and Alexei Vorobyov.

In addition, the artist has already started touring actively. May 19, Sedokova made in Rostov-on-don. “The voice was shaking, and my heart was beating so often. And so scared to go back. If only you could feel. The support of loved ones is invaluable. And you are my family” – with these words the singer has appealed to his numerous fans.

By the way, in a recent interview, Anna confessed that he always wanted to be a mother of many children. Star loves children and is not without them my life. “Yesterday I was congratulating friends, saying: “Anna, you are so good! You have three”, and I can’t believe this is happening to me. People ask me: “How did your life change?” And I say, “Time became less and love more”, – quotes celebrity “TV”.