Анна Седокова растрогала фанатов снимком сына
Popular singer Anna Sedokova is a large mother and raising three children herself.

Анна Седокова растрогала фанатов снимком сына

For a long time, the singer showed the public the son of Hector and only recently started to please his pictures. Recently in microblogging Anna is a new picture of the baby, which is touched by its subscribers.

Анна Седокова растрогала фанатов снимком сына

“Hi! My name is Hector and I like the kid from the movie “Boss-Whipper”. And I want to say a big thank you for your kind words about me, mom and my sisters and schA your #love. The mother is very nice to read. She was afraid to show us, and now I realized that the more you do not need. #Mama is very proud of us and loves us very much. Now I will eat sand before she turned to Alina, and she’ll see and she will still forgive me. I, of course, is not a gift as the #son, and become very loud and show your amazing character! But I just want to hear me! All. I crawled on the sand there. Bye!” – wrote under a photo Sedokova.

Recall that soon Hector will be one year, and now the singer together with his son and oldest daughter is in Dubai.

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