Анна Седокова страдает в разлуке с дочерью The singer flew to another country with the children. Alina and Hector having a good time together with a star mom. However, Monica, who was born in Anna Sedokova married a businessman Maxim Chernyavskiy, was not able to go together with loved ones.
Анна Седокова страдает в разлуке с дочерью

Mother Anna Sedokova meets the beginning of spring in the UAE. The singer went on holiday to Dubai with their children – daughter Alina and son Hector. Apparently, his middle child Monica celebrity left with his father Maxim Cherniavsky living in Los Angeles. Last year, the girl first went to school in America.

Anna admitted that she missed Monica. However, the singer tries not to focus on negative thoughts and enjoy the long-awaited vacation. Alina and Hector having a good time with her mother. The actress and her children a lot of swimming and sunbathing, as well as try the local cuisine.

“We miss our Manicki, but we believe that all this is temporary and everything will be all right! Love always wins! Someday I will tell you everything, and while we really miss you and send rays of happiness and goodness to those whom they are now necessary and important”, – said Sedokova.

Fans of the singer supported her in the comments and advised not to get upset. “All is well”, “You are an example of a modern mom. Health to you and your baby”, “I don’t know what happened, but I wish Monica was with you”, “Stay”, “Believe in yourself no matter what” – discuss. Many have found that the son of actress Hector, who was born in April of last year, grew quickly. According to fans of Anna, the boy has a very serious look.

In one of the recent posts Sedokova shared that he was very happy to go on vacation for the first time in a long time. The star admitted that she feels an indescribable emotion.

“The feeling is new and strange, even a little scary. But the realization of his happiness came to me when a neighboring family yelled out several times the name of the hotel on landing and it was not mine (sorry). Even four minutes before landing received a message from Alink: “Mom, you got that?” The feeling of happiness has not left me even though leather stockings, in which I flew to Dubai, shared Anna. Nothing, lose weight to the beach. All I seem to turn to the hotel, and forgive me, it seems that next week I don’t work!”

Add that Anna Sedokova became the host of travel show “Around the world in the time of the decree” together with their children Alina and Hector. Middle daughter star Monica are unable to participate in the project, instead it was shot goddaughter of actress Pauline. The intention of the producers of Anna and her family travel the world and talk about their discoveries to viewers.