Anna Sedokova is suffering from the indifference of the chosen one

Анна Седокова страдает от безразличия избранника The singer shared with the subscribers of the personal drama. Anna Sedokova once again forced fans to worry about her relationship with her lover. She has published in the microblog candid post, which hinted at family problems.

Anna Sedokova is not used to hide from followers in Instagram their thoughts and feelings. In addition, the young woman always ready to listen to the fans and themselves, if necessary, to give them wise counsel. For example, before the celebrity has shared a new post where you told how to cope with the indifference of a loved one and where to seek salvation.

“We are all women – fools. Well, stupid, at least. We constantly deceive ourselves, and we think that we can change the man or change yourself. But it’s much easier. Either Yes or no. This does not happen: he does not, because it is not solved. He didn’t call because he doesn’t care! And not writing, because writing is the other! Does not happen: I will teach him to love. Love, not learning. It’s either locked or not. And I do know one thing: no drama in this life is not worth bitter tears and sad faces. And if you have the business of life, get up and come forward!” – wrote the artist.

Fans of Anne not a little excited from the word idol. They unanimously decided that the post is directly linked to her relationship with the chosen one. Users of social networks hastened to comfort the singer with kind words and wishes. In addition, many of them expressed confidence that she’ll find true happiness.

“All right said. Every woman sometimes useful to re-read these tips. Thank you!” “Anya, away sad thoughts! Love is everywhere! And those who doesn’t appreciate you, go to hell!”, “What a wise and needed words! You are unreal!”, “May God give you strength! You’re cool, everything will be fine!” – voted followers Sedokova.

Later, however, the singer admitted that she’s OK and the entry is not related to relationships. The star took to heart someone’s drama and could not leave it without attention. According to beauty, “Instagram” is a great platform to Express one’s own feelings and thoughts, when it is impossible to tell them a loved one.

By the way, Anna recently said that preparing for the wedding with the beloved. She was sure that the father of her heir – the very best man and soon to be wonderful husband. In recognition of the stars in the near future in her personal life happen dramatic changes. When it happens a joyful event, yet unknown. Anna Sedokova is preparing for the wedding