Anna Sedokova is going to become a mother for the fourth time

Анна Седокова готовится стать мамой в четвертый раз
The singer announced that she doesn’t mind to have another child.

Anna Sedokova with her daughters Alina and Monica and their son Hector

Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova, who last year gave birth to her third
the child said that she does not intend to rest on our laurels.

“Mother of many children and to be honest, the feeling that
it has always been. The realization that you have another child that comes
only when you count the kids and realize that you have them
a lot. But one thing is for sure: being a mother of three — is happiness. We
definitely will not be staying,” admitted Sedokova.

The singer is the reason for his breakup with the father of the third
child, but sincerely hopes that’ll meet your soulmate.

Sedokova always glad that her children get along well
between them. The singer’s two older daughters, and the youngest child — a boy. At
the words of Anna, Alina and Monica are very fond of her brother Hector, played with him, help
mom when necessary. Now the star can’t even imagine it
do if older children are not helped to cope with a young son.

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