Anna Sedokova is getting married!

Анна Седокова выходит замуж!
In the near future the singer will go to the altar with the father of her third child.

Anna Sedokova

In the life of Anna Sedokova, which is in the last stages of pregnancy, big changes are coming. The singer is preparing not only to give birth to your daughters Alina and Monica, brothers: in the near future it will be made official his relationship with his father. Not hiding an interesting situation, Anna is silent as guerrillas about your man. However it became known that his name is Artem, he is 25, and he meant it more than serious: the pair have already set a wedding date.

Recently Sedokova presented his video for the song “First love”,
which describes in detail the story of their love. The singer sings about the great feeling that can come at any age. The lyrics clearly stated that when loved ones leave, he goes to the son, and she to her daughter. Fans who has always followed closely the personal lives of Anna, quickly guessed that we are talking about Artyom: he really has a teenage son from his first marriage.

The chosen singer is the CEO of one
construction company. It is known that he is the son of wealthy and influential

By the way, is about a young man named Tom mentioned and
grandma’s second husband Sedokova — and- Maxim Cherniavsky Marina Petrovna. In an interview with the woman
told that Anna is going to move the kids from Los Angeles to Russia, to my future husband. Grandma
specially flew to Moscow six months ago to meet up with Artem and
to tell what kind of person Anna Sedokova and to convince him that at the moment
Monica will be better to stay in the U.S., but Anna can come as they want.
But the meeting did not happen, instead the man sent his assistant. According to
same Marina Petrovna’s young people are preparing for the wedding, even took measurements for
dresses girls — Alina and Monica.