Anna Sedokova is experiencing strange sensations during pregnancy

Анна Седокова испытывает странные ощущения во время беременности The singer can’t believe in the reality of the situation. Anna Sedokova, which is the third time to become a mother, admitted that looking at a photo of her pregnant belly, she sometimes think that is photoshop. While waiting for the baby star retains a prodigious activity, and is upset only because of the excessively curious fans.

      The former soloist of group “VIA Gra”, member of the so-called “gold”, team Anna Sedokova waiting for the third child. The singer, who is already rather impressive in the pregnancy, told fans about the upcoming addition to the family a few days ago. Anna Sedokova officially confirmed the pregnancy

      And since most of the posts Anna Sedokova in the microblog dedicated to her future motherhood. The singer tolerates the third pregnancy, she is positive, works hard, and she admitted that sometimes everything that happens seems implausible.

      “Yes, I myself think it’s a photoshop. Only this special effect for a whole day dancing and glad that mom is at work from 9 in the morning! – signed your the Anna Sedokova. – We have organized a big opening and presentation, build a stage, decorate the store, creativit approved and create a new collection downloaded album in ITunes and … And more 1001 business”.

      While waiting for a third child Anna Sedokova delivers blazing performance, and even finds the strength and time for self-irony. In the microblog singer released a short video with her participation, showing that it is not averse to laugh at themselves. “I see a pregnant woman 99 percent of the people”, – commented on the movie Anna.

      Frustrating these days the mother-only one thing – Anna touches her discussion of pregnancy in microblogging. Detractors this time much too far, asking Sedokova too personal and intimate questions that she is not obliged to answer. The singer posted a particularly interesting appeal to citizens, urging them to restrain their ardour.

      “How do you come to me to the page in the comments, I have to write nasty things, wonders Anna Sedokova. – Or just to discuss who the father of the child. Is it not clear that they are not their potatoes with cabbage in the vegetable garden discussion, and the life of man. I’m alive, and now particularly vulnerable. What I am is a person with emotions and feelings that I read it all, upset, worried. I, like everyone on this planet have a right to privacy. Please don’t come to my house with dirty shoes”.

      Fans of Anna Sedokova urged her not to respond to comments from detractors, they have supported the singer and wished her future baby health and happiness.