Anna Sedokova is again planning to become a mother

Анна Седокова планирует снова стать мамой Popular singer dreams of a big family. Anna Sedokova hinted that she would give birth to the fourth baby. Currently, the singer is actively coming into form after the birth of the long-awaited son, Hector.

In early April, the singer Anna Sedokova became a mother for the third time. The singer gave birth to adorable son, who decided to call an unusual name Hector. Star loves the lovely baby, and wants to become brave and courageous as his namesake, the hero of the Trojan war.

In a recent candid interview, Anna described how her life changed after the appearance of the son. In addition, the singer said whether it intends to again become a mother for the new baby. The star does not hide that he would like a fourth child, but only after a certain amount of time.

“The son of Hector — the long-awaited, planned child. All of us — me, my daughters, and my young man was waiting for his birth. To say that the son radically changed my life, I can’t. Because my life has always consisted of children, favorite work and love. And now this love has become three times more! Well, free time is correspondingly smaller. And Yes, I with pleasure would become the mother of the fourth child, but only a little later (smiles). I had quite a difficult birth, so now I need a little pause,” shared the celebrity.

Anna also admitted that previously was a little afraid of his son’s birth. Star believes that the education of the boy is a big responsibility. Now, when the lovely Hector is already born, the singer understands the groundlessness of their experiences. The artist would like to grow a pair of “decent, smart and caring – a real man.”

We also add that the other day Anna Sedokova told about the upcoming wedding. According to the artist, she intends to marry a third time. Earlier media wrote that the chosen celebrity, businessman Artem Komarov, made her an offer of marriage. It is worth noting that the singer has hinted at the engagement in March. “I still have to change the status of a free girls. Love it, can’t… And specifically if… Life is amazing and so incredible! Love her, can’t,” wrote Anna in his microblog.

At the moment, a celebrity sheds off the pounds gained during pregnancy. Anna Sedokova says she has a lot of plans. “I’m slowly recovering, back to work”, – quotes the artist