Анна Седокова боится новых отношений The singer cannot decide whether she is now distracted by personal life. Six months ago Anna Sedokova and Sergey Guman decided to restore the relationship. However, to return to the old feelings and keep them for a long time a couple failed.

      Анна Седокова боится новых отношений

      At the end of December last year, the singer Anna Sedokova has pleased its fans with news that she managed to reconnect with his former lover, choreographer Sergei Humana. The actress was glowing with happiness in the arms of the chosen one. Together they spent a wonderful winter holidays with his daughters, Anna. But the idyll did not last long – a couple of months later, the pair re-broke up.

      Anna Sedokova about parting with your beloved: “I like cut off a body part”

      In order to dispel all the rumors about a breakup, Sedokova personally shared the news with fans. The celebrity admitted that she is difficult to break into the three cities, and also simultaneously pay attention to work, children and personal life. Judging by the fact that now she is fully immersed in work, she does not intend again to build relationships. She opens boutiques in Moscow and Los Angeles, travels a lot, trying to forget about breaking up with someone.

      “If I’m ready? To try. Again and again. To get burned? May not sleep again until five. To write music to six. I do not know. Here, however, now I do not know” – ask questions early in the morning Sedokova in the microblog.

      Fans have passionately discussed the doubts of Anna and decided to share my perspective on the situation. The subscribers agreed that this question should always listen to your heart.

      “Who is not fired? Without this it is impossible to live life as without love. Everything connects somewhere on top, just so should coincide. We are always looking for something, and that something or someone can be very close to” that “In such situations, remember only one word: “Heart”, “why get burned? With such thoughts long to be one! It is necessary to try! Draw! To do this, you have all the data! Most importantly, don’t waste the warmth of the soul, until you are sure that your”, ” – eagerly supported by the followers, wishing it to their Council listened singer.

      Despite the fact that Sedokova and Guman broke up, friends of the actress claim that the old lovers are not mad at each other and even kept cordial relations. Besides, his daughter Anna, Alina and Monica, managed to find a common language with the elect mom and felt like a real family. They shared videonarezkoy travel together in a specially created account called “Compasseco”.

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