Anna Sedokova in childhood had a bunch of complexes

Анна Седокова в детстве имела кучу комплексов
Famous singer Anna Sedokova is considered to be one of the sexiest representatives of the Russian show-business.

Анна Седокова в детстве имела кучу комплексов

It turned out that in childhood the singer had a huge number of complexes and thought she was ugly. About this Sedokova told its subscribers in Instagram.

Анна Седокова в детстве имела кучу комплексов

“When I was little, I was very embarrassed of my Cucaracha. I so wanted to be like everyone else. All had bangs, and I have it jumped and it seemed to me that I’m ugly. I permanently straightened hair, and then I convinced cross to take them and just cut off. I remember how mom cried when she saw what we’ve done. And then I realized that extensions made me special. Only then I realized that is special and not like it’s cool. My big nose, my plump figure and excessive emotions — every thing is so tight I stood my systems — this is who I am! You know what I mean?” – said the artist.

It is worth noting that only recently, Anna became a mother for the third time, but quickly was able to regain his former form.

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