Anna Sedokova hinted at the engagement with her beloved

Анна Седокова намекнула на помолвку с любимым The singer is happy in a new relationship. Sedokova is a long time not talked about the mysterious man that gave her a chic gift. But now the young woman is really confident in its second half. In recognition of Anne’s relationship with him completely changed her Outlook on life.

      Anna Sedokova recently shared with fans of good news. The celebrity admitted that he was happy in a new relationship. She also posted a photo of the chosen one where it was hard to see his face. In the caption to the picture Anna told that in her life a miracle happened. “And the more intended the love, the harder the tricks of fate. He’s the best. Today I already know,” wrote Sedokova.

      Anna Sedokova spends the night with a new man

      After some time, the celebrity has unveiled the chosen one. The post that made Sedokova left no doubt as to the seriousness of her lover. The singer admitted that the new relationship has completely changed her Outlook. Followers of Anna noticed the ring on the ring finger of her right hand. They decided that in this way the artist hinted at the engagement with her boyfriend.

      “Leave just. Harder to stay. To be there when the other person gets hurt. To give without expectations to receive in return. I didn’t realize it before. Thought about self-sufficiency, development, respect. But knew nothing important… Love. Real. She was different. I write these lines and think of you,” shared Anna, accompanied by a publication with the hashtag “the best”.

      Fans Sedokova began to congratulate her and to wish star all the best. They expressed the hope that Anna will be really happy in a relationship with a mysterious young man. “Good for you”, “Crazy beautiful couple”, “Love you”, “You inspire and bring hope”, “How wonderfully written”, “Cute”, “I think you suit each other,” discussed the followers of the artist.

      Later the artist released the video for the song “The best”, which starred a mysterious stranger. Fans of Anna is left wondering whether this man is her lover or is it just an actor involved in the new video stars.

      Note that earlier Sedokova regularly boasted a luxurious gift from a fan. The singer shared photos of bouquets of flowers that she gave to the unknown man. Fans of celebrities wishing her to find harmony and joy in a new relationship, after a long time she could not make love after breaking up with dancer Sergei Guman.

      By the way, in a recent interview, Anna confessed that recently decided not to share details of his personal life. According to star, next to it there is a man who makes her truly happy. However, more Sedokova decided not to say anything. Anna Sedokova started talking about the secret elect