Anna Sedokova hinted at a new romance

Анна Седокова намекнула на новый роман The singer and mother of many children, posting “Instagram” photo with another gentleman. Boyfriend star this time was Mikael Aramyan, the actor of theatre and cinema. Anna publish romantic pictures in his microblog.

Anna Sedokova not hide from subscribers personal life and their loved ones. In Instagram mothers of large families there were shots with actor Michael Aramyan. The shots of the man and the singer hold hands and make a joint selfie.

“My life now is like a movie. Is a drama, romantic Comedy, and action simultaneously. I can’t control the events in his real life, but I have to do myself as the Director on the set. In my video for the song “Not Your Fault” I wanted to tell a story about how often we deceive ourselves, giving our expectations for reality”,- has signed a frame artist.

According to the singer, her crew shot a new clip, which resembles a small movie. The film will interweave real and fictional characters at the same time. “Often we think that you’re the only one, and end up once in the list. And it does not depend on your beauty, intelligence, and depends on the feelings that you feel,” said Anna.

“The more love, the more you get into the network. The more drunk you think. But at some point, really opens your eyes and puts before a choice: to Accept and move on? To remain cheating, or to live with a broken heart, but knowing the truth?” summed up Sedokova.

We will remind, in April of this year, the singer is a mother again. A month before the happy event Anna announced to fans that he plans to marry. The singer made no secret that dwells in the seventh heaven from happiness, and shared his emotions with the public. However, after some time Sedokova hinted at problems in relationships with partner, businessman Artem Komarov. In the end, the wedding did not take place. The singer has three children from different fathers. Senior Alina, Monica and little Hector. According to Anna, daughter love spending time with my little brother and help the singer with care.