Anna Sedokova has revealed the secret to perfect skin

Анна Седокова раскрыла секрет идеальной кожи

Star is thinking about creating your own beauty blog.

The singer frequently communicates with his fans in social networks: over the life of the star in her Instagram following of more than 3 million subscribers. Anya not only shows images about his life, but even launched an unusual reality show about family life and travels.

In addition, to Sedokova often receives comments from fans about her beauty secrets. The star decided to respond to comments and talked about how to create the perfect face.

“Now I will tell you about his latest purchase. I love Sephora means. Besides that there you can find everything and at once there to try, they have some excellent products. This is how this blue slivocka for cosmetics.

I love biphasic, as they wash away faster and the eyes don’t need much rubbing. And brush for the face too. Bought it for the first time, liked the color and the fact that it is double-sided, now this one and I’ll write more. But! The main thing in the beauty of the skin remember the most important is the cleansing. Never go to sleep, washing up, and I’m not talking about cosmetics.

There are 1001 great product for washing your face. After washing you can try these Pads from FabFirstAidBeauty. I like the idea of disposable impregnated thin spongebob. Write that cleanse, tone and face glow. Then take a look at my photos. Further Retinol from KateSomerville.

I go to the beautician to see him on Melrose Place and also love their cosmetics. Gentle, but works. As you understand, I love to try everything new: Retinol – a person once said thanks for it. As I say, take. But what you need to definitely buy all – this beauty elixir from Caudalie. It to me many years ago recommend Lolita. Perfect for the morning, tones, removes puffiness, if you, like me, love eucalyptus, just take,” wrote a detailed review of the care Sedokova.

She has also asked followers on Twitter whether they would be interested in her beauty blog, “If you want, then I will tell you more. Maybe we will come up with a hashtag?”

Recall that her colleague Vera Brezhnev and Gluk’oza has long successful beauty blogs: singer share beauty secrets and daily receive thousands of enthusiastic comments.

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