Анна Седокова объявила войну бывшему мужу
The singer is preparing to put in the fight for maternal rights “heavy artillery”.

Anna Sedokova Maxim Cherniavsky with daughter Monica

Photo: Social networks

Anna Sedokova eight months hiding from the fans the fact that her ex-husband — Maxim Chernyavsky took her daughter Monica. According to the singer, he is determined to deprive her of maternal rights. The singer said that he was afraid to endure the conflict with the ex-spouse in public. She was afraid to lose the opportunity to occasionally see her daughter (and in the presence of supervisor).

After Anna has discovered her secret, she gained access to more effective methods of struggle for my daughter. “I wanted to share with you. For the past two days, you know about what’s going on with me and Monica. For months I was too scared to talk about it, because I knew what kind of rage it can cause. I was afraid, because every word will be used against me in court…

During these two days, we were called best lawyers international law, three main channel is ready to support and highlight this issue, dozens of the best journalists in the country and hundreds of letters from moms who were in the same situation as me! I felt I was not alone, that together we can help each other,” writes Anna in his microblog. Apparently, she is already preparing to use against the Maxim of “heavy artillery”.

Sedokova, by the way, in a recent interview said that not hold a grudge against Cherniavsky, because he knows: the conflict “blows” his grandmother. It was she, sure Anna, insisted, to deprive his own mother Monica’s maternal rights. Now the girl lives with the father’s family and, if you believe the singer has no connection with my mother. To talk to my daughter, the artist can only with the permission of the grandmother Cherniavsky. In addition, Anna was forbidden to take pictures Monica during the rare visits.