Anna Sedokova hard going through a divorce with her husband

Анна Седокова тяжело пережила развод с супругом
Famous singer Anna Sedokova is one of the sexiest representatives of the Russian show-business.

Анна Седокова тяжело пережила развод с супругом

Anna has twice married, but no marriage could pass the test of time. The singer admits that has been tough divorce, for her it was a huge stress.

“I clearly remember the moment when they split. Seemed to me no more, but only the huge red swollen face. I remember that not even knew how to get out of bed and step in water, not that to live on. I remember coming in the night out of his crib one word: MOM. I promised myself to never give up! Because I’m a MOTHER”, — said Sedokova.

Let’s remind, that Anna has grown up three children, two daughters and a son Hector, who was born in the beginning of this year.

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