У Анны Седоковой случился нервный срыв из-за судов с бывшим мужем A few months singer led the fight for the right to educate six-year-old Monica. Maxim Cherniavsky was planning to deprive Anna Sedokova parental rights, however, they managed to negotiate. According to the settlement agreement, the girl will live with her father in America, and mom can visit.
У Анны Седоковой случился нервный срыв из-за судов с бывшим мужем

A long struggle for custody of six-year-old Monica cost Anna Sedokova not only time, but also health. Only recently the 35-year-old singer was able to negotiate with your ex-husband about the fact that they are raising a daughter together: half the time the girl is with her mother, the other half with his father.

However, to meet the successor Sedokova will have to fly to the USA, since the girl is a citizen of this country and, according to the settlement agreement, must live in America. In addition, soon Monica will have to go to school, and then to visit her mother in Russia will be difficult.

“I couldn’t tell you what the situation is complex, that it happened. Although I wanted to scream from the pain! There was a feeling that part of your body is no longer with you. Monica has always been for me, the absolute light, love. I think this is the most gentle child in the universe. And when you took him away, and all around still screaming that you’re a terrible mother — it’s scary! I once gave an interview and I had a nervous breakdown, I said. Then there was a chance to stop this interview, not to give him a stroke. But I realized that can’t hold the pain in me. Otherwise, just go crazy”, said Anna.
У Анны Седоковой случился нервный срыв из-за судов с бывшим мужем

As admitted the singer, after the interview, it became easier. Now she tries to help other women who find themselves in a similar situation. Sedokova has created a group in one of social networks where other moms share stories and advise each other.

Anna still can’t understand why Maxim Cherniavsky did it this way because they peacefully broke up years ago. “You know, we had crazy feelings! We loved each other. But at some point the amount of pain that people cause each other, transformerait these feelings into hatred, in the desire to offend and hurt. Same story with the alimony that I might have to pay Monica. When I read about it, thought, “Well, what is all this?” I make work. I used that it did not contain Alina. In this situation, to contain two, three kids — no problem. You know? I’m sure that when God gives a child, he gives and on the child. And I definitely can handle it. I will not be hurt from the fact that you have to pay money for the maintenance of the daughter. He or his lawyers for some reason decided to humiliate me this way. But I did not understand that they so humiliated the Maxim?” — said Sedokova.

Anna is also engaged in education year-old son of Hector and 13-year-old daughter Alina. “Like crying sometimes because of quarrels with Alina, because of our misunderstanding, I probably didn’t cry because of one man. When you quarrel with a man, you realize he’s a grown man and he is what he is. But when we argue with a child, you realize a different degree of responsibility. Say some awkward word — and then it could affect the future of your daughter,” admitted Sedokova in an interview with “TV Program”.