Anna Sedokova first saw the mistress of the deceased ex-spouse

Анна Седокова впервые увидела любовницу погибшего экс-супруга The singer became a guest of the program “million dollar Secret”, which broadcast presenter Lera Kudryavtseva showed a video in which the artist saw the woman was cheating on her Valentin Belkevich.

      Анна Седокова впервые увидела любовницу погибшего экс-супруга

      After the next episode surfaced new Podrobnosti personal life of Anna Sedokova. Artist during the recording of the broadcast of “the Secret” one million are unable to hold back his emotions. Lera Kudryavtseva and had a question regarding the first marriage of the singer, decided to show the video interview in which mistress Valentin Belkevich without hesitation says that connected her to her spouse Anna.

      Sedokova was shocked because she knew about the mistress, but never seen her. A woman named Lesya frankly admitted that he had met with Belkevich long before 19-year-old Anna met her future husband. This recognition has touched 34-year-old actress, and she did not hide tears. For absentee acquaintance with Lesia was more than enough.

      Анна Седокова впервые увидела любовницу погибшего экс-супруга“All the time that he lived with Sedokova, it is almost always spent the night with me. He was with me before the wedding with Anna. He begged me to understand him and to forgive,” said ex Belkevich.

      Les says that he was aware of every item of the marriage contract Sedokova and Belkevich. According to her, the singer passed nothing upon dissolution of the marriage. It also confirmed Anne. The parents of the deceased player didn’t know the mistress of their son sold all his possessions, leaving only a small apartment that could claim they Sedokova. Family of Valentin Belkevich has decided to abandon inheritance in favor of granddaughter Alina, but currently the girl’s mother is suing the Lesia to get, as she said, at least half legitimate housing. Mistress continues to insist on the fact that about the daughter of a football player, no one knew for almost ten years and it remains incomprehensible claim of the performer. But Sedokova more outraged that she lived for many years in ignorance of facts which were concealed husband.


      Анна Седокова впервые увидела любовницу погибшего экс-супруга“I married a man who already cheated on me. God, good thing I found out now and not then 19. And why did he get married then? If you’re happy with another man, why did you get married? Why spoil your life?” – said Sedokova in the program.

      The star thanked Lera Kudryavtsev and the crew because they did not invite the mistress to the Studio, otherwise it would not have been able to cope with them. The presenter stated that under no circumstances would not have received because he realizes what a blow this would have for Sedokova. A mother of two children told me that she had imagined this moment and could not understand how would have behaved the. She was really scary. Kudryavtseva was supported Anna and wished her to be truly happy, to care for heiress Aline from his first marriage and Monica from second with businessman Maxim Cherniavsky. Anna Sedokova boasted a perfect family