Anna Sedokova extremely thin after childbirth

Анна Седокова экстремально похудела после родов
A week later after birth, the singer showed perfect figure.

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova really surprised his fans. After a moment she gave birth to a son, it’s been a week, and the young mother shows a beautiful
figure in a bathing suit. All were asked one question: “How is this possible?” But
Sedokova not reveal details of the diet. Smiling, he says that
moms need only palm trees and sun. “The baby is already a week and we went for a walk
to the pool . The sun and palm trees is exactly what you need mommy.”

Later, the singer decided to answer the fans ‘ questions, explaining how her in record time managed to get back in shape. “Of course, to the ideal form me well so far, but I
I promise I will every day to work on this! There is an enormous work, because
that how my body will behave after the birth of her third bebika, it is not yet clear. But
I definitely feel strongly about it, first of all, for yourself! — said Sedokova. From tomorrow tie with all
hazard, scones, cupcakes and food after six. Turn on five times
split meals, add a lot of Goodies. If you want to be together. I write
You about their change, You tell me — give advice and tell how to prepare it
the summer season”.