Anna Sedokova exposed stars cheating on their wives

Анна Седокова разоблачила звезд, изменяющих женам On Monday, the singer released a new video. The plot of the video heroine Anna Sedokova chosen accuses of infidelity. On the occasion of the premiere of the actress wrote a column in which he spoke about the ideal families on the covers of glossy magazines.
Анна Седокова разоблачила звезд, изменяющих женам

Recently singer Anna Sedokova submitted a video for the song “Not your fault”, dedicated to the theme of betrayal. During the day, video of the singer scored more than 900 thousand views on YouTube and ranked in the top 10 tabs “In trend”. Fans of the actress was delighted with her new job. They found it very heartfelt and memorable.

Anna Sedokova lover threw a tantrum because of infidelity

Анна Седокова разоблачила звезд, изменяющих женам“I sing about, I don’t blame him of anything, but to tell you the truth, every day I blame myself. At each error, in which I criticized all and Sundry. Each wrong step. Stupidity or naivety. Every day I work to forgive myself, because I have long forgiven those who hurt me. They did not want. And I don’t like”, commented the star premiere.

Sedokova has also written a column for the online publication, which talked about how the new Director was involved in her life. According to Anna, she knows firsthand what he’s talking about. The singer wanted to tell you how often people deceive themselves with wishful thinking.

“I know many examples of exemplary families on the covers of glossy magazines, in which, as soon as the lights go out camera, the man puts in his car with another woman, and the woman dials the number of another man. It is the opposite of gloss. Many consider these the perfect family, strive to be like them, dream about it, but they know that almost every girl in this city there is a photo of the naked husband, sent by the night”, – shared the singer.

Anna confessed that he had once met with a man who was dear to her. Once before the performance the singer was approached by a strange woman, convict her lover of infidelity. A visitor to the concert of the star said that she always sent messages and asked Sedokova to influence the other. As a result, the celebrity decided to break off relations with her lover.

“Perhaps she deceived me, but if I’d stayed, I would have continued to deceive themselves their entire lives,” said star.

In his new music video Anna Sedokova did not want to show a unique solution or the right choice. “There is no white or black. One of us will still remain, and one will leave”, – quotes the singer the magazine OK!.

Previously, the celebrity asked fans to share their opinions about her directorial work. “We are all different, we each have different lives. As you think about what I wanted to say? What did I shoot?” – asked Anna to subscribers of his microblog.