Анна Седокова рассекретила возлюбленного One of the most sexy women Russian pop music continues to intrigue fans. Not long ago, Anna showed luxurious and expensive bouquet of flowers which she gave. And on the days the artist published in social networks photo with a young man who was presented as the elect.

      33-year-old singer Anna Sedokova recently intrigued his fans with a photo of a huge bouquet of roses. The name of the person who made such a generous gift, the star did not disclose, only wrote: “Instead of a thousand words”. Subscribers Sedokova immediately began to wonder who the artist is and how they have a serious relationship. Most recently, Anna has decided to no longer hide the beloved’s face and posted it on Instagram a picture of it and described his feelings after starting a relationship with him.

      Anna Sedokova finally broke off relations with her boyfriend

      “That’s it. Can’t do it. Tired to hide it. I easily and freely. We don’t know the boundaries. Walk through the night. Fly. We’re on the same wavelength. I love him”, — said Sedokova in social networks.

      Some fans Anna decided that celebrity thus joking, and the person whose face you can see in the pictures, nothing more than a bystander. “Anya has a good sense of humor,” “a Man does not know how he is successfully sleep… are going to Freak when you see it. Can’t scream”, “It’s just a sleeping guy after party”, “Over”, ” they wrote.

      At the same time, other fans Sedokova decided that it was really her new young man. “Love and be for a long, happy,” “get married” — shared his opinion.

      Anna herself did not answer the questions of subscribers. It is not surprising that subscribers to the star so exciting to find out who is her other half, because Sedokova — one of the brightest and sexiest singers in Russian show business. Many girls, looking at pictures beauties want big puffy forms. By the way, the celebrity has shared the secret of how to learn to attract attention to himself. According to Anna, we need to run every morning in a luxurious swimsuit and to smile a lot, then the rest won’t take long.

      We will remind that not so long ago Sedokova broke up with choreographer Sergei Guman. Lovers are literally glowed with happiness, but, unfortunately, the idyll did not last long. Anna even created a family reality show, which is called the “Compasseco”. In this project, the star posted the video with children and Guman on a separate page in Instagram. According to a friend of the singer, the couple parted friends.

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