Анна Седокова пожаловалась на серьезные проблемы со здоровьем The fans of the singer was not seriously alarmed. Anna Sedokova suddenly lost my voice. The actress could not speak and suffered from a sore throat. The most annoying thing was that it happened a few hours before the concert of Anna.

      Анна Седокова пожаловалась на серьезные проблемы со здоровьем

      Recently singer Anna Sedokova shared with her fans that her voice is gone. It happened just a few hours before the live performance of the artist, which was to be held in one of the trendy restaurants on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. By his own admission, Sedokova whispered instead to rehearse before the concert. In addition, she was tormented by severe pain in the throat. This, according to Anna, it had never happened before. Trying to hope for the best, the woman turned to the doctor.

      “Vote for me and not returned, and I was up all night from pain in the throat. I whisper … In three hours, go to the phoniatrist, which will put me on a drip and to inject the injections. I have never been so with voice. Used to set up , but that does hurt to say no. And in the evening a concert… Okay,” said before a visit to a specialist troubled star in his microblog.

      Phoniatr carefully examined the throat of Anna and put her on the drip. During this procedure, the singer tried to keep a calm and positive attitude. On photos taken on the doctor, Sedokova smiles and is in a relaxed position.

      “Was a phoniatrist. It was a nightmare. I did a fill and was picked in the throat with an iron syringes… it Was difficult. Then put on a drip. I don’t know how this will help, but try to think positively. Before the concert remains a few hours, and I hope that heaven will take pity on me. And I have a good doctor” — shared Sedokova with their fans in Instagram.

      Fans sincerely sympathized with Anna and wished her a speedy recovery. “Hold on, birdie”, “All is well”, “Health to you, Ann”, “We are with you”, “No pain”, “Get well soon, our sun”, “Health to you and your Herculean strength”, “you should Rest” — such warm words of encouragement he wrote to the subscribers of the artist pages on social networks.

      However, despite all the difficulties, Anna still managed to recover for the start of the concert. It wasn’t broken. The singer performed all the hits to the applause of visitors Metropolitan places. They are also actively danced and partied to the music Sedokova. Looking for a fun and charming brunette in evening dress with high slit, it was hard to believe that a few hours ago, artist put on a drip.

      Video posted by Anna Ivleva (@annivleva91) Jul 3 2016 12:34 PDT

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