У Анны Седоковой «отобрали» ребенка?
The singer admitted that she suffers in separation from Monica.

Anna Sedokova with her daughter Alina and son Hector

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

In 2016 Anna Sedokova admitted on the set of “million dollar Secret” that former mother-in-law wants to take her daughter Monica. The artist told me that the mother of her ex-husband — Maxim Cherniavsky has set a goal to take the girl “under my wing”. Sedokova was then ready to fight for joint custody.

Apparently, grandma Monica put your plan into action. On the eve of Anna complained to friends in social networks that she is suffering in separation from her daughter and wants to reunite with her. But due to circumstances she can’t do it.

“We miss our Manicki, but we believe that all this is temporary and everything will be all right! Love always wins! Someday I will tell you everything, but for now , we really miss you and send rays of happiness and goodness to those whom they are now necessary and important”, — said Sedokova. Hint Anne can be interpreted in different ways. Someone realized that Maxim is not just given Sedokova to get Monica in the holiday in the Emirates. Others, that he limited her maternal rights. The real circumstances of family relations of the artist were not disclosed.

It is known that last fall, Monica went to first class schools, located in Los Angeles. Anna’s in the summer with her older daughter and young son moved from America to Russia. It was reported that the singer will be able to see her during the holidays. But for almost six months Sedokova did not publish in the Network of sharing photos with Monica.