Anna Sedokova came into the despair of oblivion

Анна Седокова пришла в отчаяние из-за забвения The singer is afraid that fans will forget that. Anna Sedokova just two weeks ago, has become a large mum. While the artist is unable to go on stage and work in the same way, and therefore very concerned that the interruption in the work, the fans will wait for her return.

On April 9 it became known that the singer Anna Sedokova became a mother for the third time. Now the actress is enjoying the care of the children. Despite the fact that already after a couple of days after the appearance of the son born she came out to the concert with friends, while Anna finds the strength to return to the usual schedule and full time work at the scene. Singer doubts – she is afraid that due to the forced pause the audience to forget about it. She shared her experiences with followers on the social network.

“So scared to go back. And like the pause was not so long, but in my head spinning thinking “what if I already forgot”, “nobody’s coming to my concert”. Every day in the “Insta” I see the success of other artists, understand that they occur to important meetings, concerts, talks. And I was a mother. My talks are important, two of the three are already asleep, only Mo without me no lies. Waiting. I don’t know why I write this. Maybe a moment of weakness. I know I should not show the view and show confidence with cheerfulness. But bare nerve. I’m really scared. Suddenly you no longer expect me,” wrote the actress.

Fans were quick to dispel doubts about your favorite artist. They look forward to her return to creativity, however, understand that the most important thing – family and children’s health. Fans are willing to wait as long as necessary and assure that their love will not be less. “Ani, I cannot forget you”, “don’t Even think about this! Do you imperceptibly quickly gave birth and returned to operation. It’s all good. Are we waiting for!”, “We are always waiting for you. Love and believe that you just want to us how we want it”, “Anya, we’re all waiting for you. But now you no longer need your children, so just raduy us new posts and stories,” encouraged followers Sedokova.

The singer was very nice to hear words of support, and she thanked fans for their kind responses. Anna tries to be more honest with the fans and regularly shares his thoughts in the microblog. She recently hinted that her boyfriend at the moment can not be close to him.

“Maybe spring and I have a romantic mood, but I madly want my man,” admitted Anna posting full of mutual love photos of singer Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid.