Анна Седокова похвасталась спортивными достижениями дочери
11-year-old Alina won the competition in rhythmic gymnastics.

Анна Седокова похвасталась спортивными достижениями дочери

Anna Sedokova with his daughters: the older and younger Alina Monica

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Anna Sedokova boasted athletic success and strong character
her eldest daughter Alina. Eleven-year-old girl showed persistence and
back in the section of rhythmic gymnastics four years after
was forced to leave this sport.

When my daughter was seven, she decided that her child is more
suitable for a large tennis, I picked her up from gymnastics.

“Alina is my personal victory and an example to follow, says
singer. I took it from gymnastics to tennis, thinking that she is talented.
And now, this summer she told me that gymnastics is her dream. Persuaded
to take her to the section, returned to daily training and a month later
won the first competition! I say all this to the fact that even smart parents wrong
and small children know what’s best for them.”

By the way, Anna is largely consults with Alina and tries
keep warm and friendly relations with the daughter, because there is a difficult period in
the life of every parent and child — soon Alina will become a teenager. For Example, Sedokova
decided that it’s time for daughter to learn to care for herself and now goes to spas,
which has a special weakness, along with a maturing daughter. For the first time this
happened during a vacation in Mexico.

“The hotel was a great Spa with a whole range of
rituals for mothers and daughters, ” said Anna. — My daughter went there
together. We applied different masochki in the sauna, wiped ice. We luxuriated in the hot tub,
and then there were two massage. These classes were Aline for the soul, and since then
it was the star of the family a ritual.

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

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