Anna Sedokova became a Director

Анна Седокова  стала режиссером
The singer presented his first directorial job — the video for the new song “the universe”.

Анна Седокова  стала режиссером

Anna Sedokova

Photo: public relations service of Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova showed his debut directorial
work to the video for the new song “the universe”. The presentation took place in the building
The Moscow planetarium, where guests, in addition to the main event of the evening, could
to consider the exposition of this place.

Before the premiere of the clip, the audience was shown 5 documentary
movies about each character that has experienced a severe hardship, but kept
faith in true love, femininity and happiness. The heroines of these mini-movies
become known by the girls, who first shared with Anna and their audience

So, Yekaterina Varnava took part in the filming with her fiance –dancer Konstantin Myakinkova. ISA
told how she managed to survive a divorce and no matter what, met
your love. Vardanush Martirosyan shared her story about what she
had to go to open his own dance school. Irada Hait, besides the fact that
in a friendly tandem Anna wrote the song “universe”, but also talked about
as she lives with a severe blood disorder. And Ksenia Bezuglova shared
history of the accident, after which she managed to survive, but despite
chained to a wheelchair, unable to have another child thereof.

These stories similar to the lives of many other people, they
bring people together showing that we need to see happiness and to find it even if
give up. After these candid stories was the long-awaited shows
clip, after which the audience gave a standing ovation to all who participated in this

Ekaterina Varnava, ISA Anokhina, Ksenia Bezuglova, Varda Martirosyan and Irada Hythe

Photo: public relations service of Anna Sedokova

The format of the video clip is not a classic shooter with a large
a number of visual effects. Here is the truth. It reveals the women with
complex fate: their life circumstances, ethnicity, and worldview
different from each other, but what unites them is the willingness not to give up
to go forward, be happy, and, most importantly, to help and support
those who need it.

The idea of the video was born by chance and became very personal to
Anne, after all the tests in the singer’s life was often not easy: in his debut
work as a Director, it appeals to all who so
support in difficult times. Clip you can already see on the official channel
YouTube, and all music channels

“We collected
together women who inspire by their example: this Ekaterina Varnava, ISA
Anokhin, Ksenia Bezuglova, Varda Martirosyan and Irada Hite. Those who do not
know firsthand what a condemnation of prejudice and injustice and even
a serious illness, but together we can overcome anything, because there is no happiness
standards,” says the singer, “This clip is from
it is our destiny, our shared joy and shared grief. It is time to
stop judging, and, finally, to take each other’s hand , regardless of gender,
age, nationality and social status. Each of us happiness.
Together we are the universe”.