Anna Sedokova announced the sex of the baby

Анна Седокова сообщила пол будущего малыша

Last week, the famous singer Anna Sedokova, former member of the group “Viagra” has declared that is carrying a third child. The singer, who has two daughters, a long time hid the pregnancy and didn’t even comment on the information published in several Russian media. Now Sedokova demonstrates your tummy and even told the sex of her petitely.

Anna is thrilled that her two daughters will finally have a brother. Son Sedokova was born in Los Angeles, where I now live and the singer herself, and her two daughters Alina and Monica. Monica attends a local kindergarten and Sunday school, and Alina goes to public school and is engaged in acting. By the way, soon the girl will debut in his debut film, his mother “First love”. Anna is not only a Director, but also producer and script writer.
About the new man of Anna is a lot not known. She made it clear that in personal life she has peace and quiet. Earlier Sedokova announced that fell in love with the father of her son at first sight. He strongly supported the Anna and pays for her life.