Анна Седокова вновь надела свадебное платье The singer surprised fans with the dressed in white. Fans of the celebrity suspect that Anna Sedokova once again preparing for a wedding ceremony. The artist decided to publish the controversial photo, which she sealed with her youngest son Hector on his hands.
Анна Седокова вновь надела свадебное платье

Anna Sedokova is raising three children. The singer older two daughters Alina and Monica, and a year ago the actress gave birth to a charming boy Hector. Anya has repeatedly hinted to fans that he is not averse to marry again and have heirs.

Today, the mother of many children demonstrated Network users wedding image. Sedokova appeared in a luxurious white dress.

“Each girl on her special day needs a special dress,” Anna shared with fans in Instagram.

Fans of Anne wrote a lot of good reviews. “The beauty of what to say. Feminine girl”, “Incredibly beautiful! Be happy dear!”, “A special day… It’s your wedding day! You can congratulate?”, “The kid’s so cool!” – said users of the Network.

We will remind, several days ago in one of the capital’s restaurants hosted a social gathering. Among many star guests of the evening were a mother of many children Anna Sedokova. The artist has intrigued fans and colleagues the release with a mysterious man. As it turned out, the choice of the singer became a young photographer Daniil Velichko. Throughout the evening Anna departed not from the satellite. The couple smiled sweetly, hugged and posed for the cameras. Many fans suspected that Sedokova new novel.

Later, the singer fueled interest in the rumors about her passion muscular handsome. The actress posted a picture on Instagram of Daniel. Anna was also accompanied by a frame signature.

“You know, if I still six months ago asked me will I believe what is happening now, I would say – no! I was nominated for the award MUZ-TV in the category “Best female video of the year”. I come home in the most beautiful car in the world, there sleep my beloved children, and I have the most amazing work on Earth. I have loyal friends and beloved girlfriend and crazy team at work! It! intrigued Sedokova. – And only the best ahead, I know! Thank you, God, and thank you, my Insta-family! We did it, we are a force,” said Anna fans.