Anna Sedokova admitted that she is sprouting

Анна Седокова призналась, что ей стала мала одежда
Singer worries that can not “climb” in jeans.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova has complained that after the birth has not yet come into shape. At
opinion singer, she still has a couple of extra pounds which could lose. Star
I realized that by trying to wear jeans. “There are two news: good and bad
says Anna. Good: I can fit in jeans! Bad: not immediately and not at all”.

Fans who read the revelation Sedokova in her microblog,
immediately he began to tell what her figure is just perfect. “Excellent
look! Five out of five!” — they wrote.

Recall that for an active workout 34-year-old actress
started three weeks after childbirth. Most Ana likes to run,
especially in the morning. However, now she decided to shift training schedule
due to newborn son. The star admits that her regime completely
slave mode the baby.

“Many people think that running is hard, she says. —
really, the hardest thing is to wear a Jogging suit and sneakers, go to
the street and take the first step. And then all as-that by itself turns out. In the hall
even simpler: you just give the gym atmosphere, you begin physically
to feel worked out your muscles, improving body. If you’re bored
to walk on the treadmill just so I have the tablet and in the process
watch movies. The instructor has almost no appeal, because she is all
know. Cardio take one hour, and then Flex his muscles. Because “glands” are not very
like doing a set of exercises on the Mat. Do with coach Boxing.
He praises me, says I do it well. Incidentally, I recommend Boxing to all the girls
— he is pumping his hands. If you break to do squats and
push-UPS, it turns out that good, effective workout, after which
getting squeezed like a lemon!”