Анна Седокова призналась, что страдает от опасной зависимости
The singer promised fans to give up the pernicious habit.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova admitted that suffering, saying
in scientific language, nomophobia, or from your phone. The singer decided
to fight addiction, but her fans warmly supported her, reminding her that experts in psychology and psychiatry sure
habit not to part with the phone may cause dizziness,
panic attacks, outbursts of anger and other unpleasant consequences.

“In the coming year, first of all I want
to get rid of this stupid habit of always being connected and with the phone — says
star. I hate this thing, although I understand that it depends on. After all,
thanks to this habit, I put the points I appreciate. Here it came out well
or awful, and yet I know so much useless information. Why do I read so much
news? Because my brain becomes a garbage can. It is not necessary to me.
Just do not need. I need a sunrise, you need to tame your ego, you need to live in
present and to let go of all the bad. And maybe finally understand what is not bad
it does, but just not yours. Robin Sharma wrote that the most powerful promise
this publicly. I promise you that today, your day will not waste
this precious life on the tinsel”.

It seems like the week after the holidays was
for the stars of the time, when they decided to become better. While Sedokova fighting with himself,
once again trying not to check my phone for any messages, and instead
news to read books, Sergey Shnurov won another addiction —