Anna Sedokova about breaking up with someone: “In that moment, when I fell asleep, he wrote to her!”

Анна Седокова о разрыве с любимым: «В тот момент, когда я засыпала, он писал ей!»
The singer met with the mistress of the groom.

The scenes from the filming of the clip “Not your fault”

Photo: @Instagram annasedokova Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova recently released a new song entitled “Not your fault”. Recently began the process of filming the video for this song, which went to the personal drama of the singer. The actress spoke about how he learned about the cheating fiance. This information she received personally from his mistress, which randomly met before the concert. Between the girls had a dialogue, then forced her to break off a relationship with a loved one.

“Before one of my concerts, me in the bathroom a girl came up and asked him to convey to him the more she wrote. She tired to get away from it every night messages… — admitted Anna. In that moment, when I fell asleep, he wrote to her. Maybe she lied to me, but if I’d stayed, I would have continued to deceive themselves their entire lives trying to convince myself that it’s just a lie!

Often we think that you’re the only one, and end up once in the list. And it does not depend on your beauty, intelligence, and depends on the feelings that you feel. The more love, the more you get into the network. The more drunk you think. But at some point, really opens your eyes and puts before a choice: to accept and move on? To remain cheating, or to live with a broken heart, but knowing the truth?”

By the way, this week, the Network appeared the picture of Anna with a mysterious brunette, whom many mistook for a new boyfriend Sedokova. In fact, it turned out that the footage was taken during the filming of the above video. Probably shows the singer’s wedding dress was also associated with work on video.