Anna Samokhina before his death, wanted to renounce her acting career

Анна Самохина перед смертью хотела отречься от актерской карьеры This year marks eight years since the actress did not. Daughter of Alexander Samokhina told how he remembered the mother and about the last days of her life. The woman followed in the footsteps of a mother and also plays in the theater.
Анна Самохина перед смертью хотела отречься от актерской карьеры

Anna Samokhina died in 2010. The famous actress has stomach cancer stage IV. Such patients can not be surgery, and chemotherapy only worsened the condition of the woman: her liver to shut down. Blooming and beautiful actress very quickly literally burned. Daughter of the star of the drama “Thieves in law” Alexander recalls, what was mom. She also decided to become an actress.

“I remember when she first came to my classes at the theatre Institute. She was well dressed, behind her stretched a trail of sweet perfume. And the same effect: teachers, all the classmates for a few seconds dumbfounded. And then said enthusiastically, “What’s your mother! How she wears! But as she goes!” She made a strong impression on all. I’m trying very hard to look after themselves, a figure is also from my mom. Actress or not, but first and foremost I am a woman, and I like when you do compliments,” said Alexander.

It is known that in the last days of life Samokhina did not want to see people. Anna tried to look good and makeup even during his stay in the hospice.

“When the doctor told us that she had two months left, she said these words: “If I survive, the acting profession will not be engaged. Want to do something for the people”. Perhaps someone her words seem pathetic. But in her mouth, as the man who was lying in a hospice and knew he was dying, it sounded different. Somehow mom didn’t think acting is for people,” says Alexander.

The daughter star is trying in many ways to be like my mother. She also is constantly watching them. For 14 years Samokhina plays in anterpriza, as well as leads activities. She’s not upset when it is compared with the known relative.

“I’m a mom very proud. There was never a sense of competition and envy. And when she died, I had the feeling that people want me to be a part of it. And it’s even nice. I feel like she’s still a little left in this world, through me,” said Sasha in a conversation c