Anna Samohina shortly before his death, called again to get married

Анну Самохину незадолго до смерти еще раз позвали замуж In hospice, the actress again made an offer hands and hearts. Anna Samohina called married a man who had the same diagnosis – cancer of the fourth degree. On the day of her birth, January 14, her sister remembered how it was.
Анну Самохину незадолго до смерти еще раз позвали замуж

Today, Anna Samokhina would have turned 55 years old. She died almost eight years ago from stomach cancer. During its short life, Anna managed to appear in over 50 films. Samokhina was officially married thrice, but none of the marriage so we were not able to find simple woman’s happiness.

Specially for the birthday of actress First channel made a documentary film “Anna Samokhina. Remember me young and beautiful”, in which loved ones, relatives, ex-husbands and lovers remembered Anna, her life, work and recent years.

First showed the hospice, which the actress spent several months just before his departure. That there was an episode, which for the first time spoke her sister Margaret Podgorny. She said that the clinic, when he was terminally ill, Anna Samokhina has received a proposal of marriage. A man named Arnold called actress married. It happened right in the hospice. Remembers sister of the deceased actress, the man was also a patient of this hospice, he just like Samokhina at the time, was diagnosed with cancer.


Анну Самохину незадолго до смерти еще раз позвали замуж“He stood on his knees before her, and she looked up and said: “Oh, Arnold.” I went out to let them COO. And when I came back and asked what he wanted, then Anna said, “asked her to Marry me,” – said Margarita Piedmont.
Анну Самохину незадолго до смерти еще раз позвали замуж

Arnold, says sister Samokhina died about a year after her death. The man managed to honor the memory of the beloved: it was he who paid for the production and installation of a monument to Anna Samokhina at the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg.

Anna Samohina can’t forget, not only in love with her on-screen heroines the audience. Her last official husband Yevgeny Fyodorov, with whom the actress lived a little less than three years old, still single. He was with the actress when she was diagnosed. Fedorov said that the verdict of the doctors, Anna took stoically: “When she announced the diagnosis, she said, “I understand. Well, two times not to die.”

Fedorov not only can not forget Samokhina, he said that she comes to him in dreams. “Woke up in a cold sweat and in a fit of jealousy. Damn, this is a dream! Not let go, probably realizes that I have one,” said the latter the husband of the actress.