Anna Saliva: “I honestly say to the kids why daddy doesn’t live here anymore”

Анна Слю: «Я честно говорю детям, почему папа с нами не живет» The actress played the main role in the series “What does your wife do?”. Anna Mica was found with the correspondent of “StarHit” and shared the secrets of parenting a son and daughter and told how she managed to maintain normal relations with her ex-husband.
Анна Слю: «Я честно говорю детям, почему папа с нами не живет»

In the childhood Anna Saliva dreamed of becoming a singer, went to music school, played the saxophone and piano. When it came time to choose a high school, she unexpectedly entered the Shchukin theater school in the faculty of acting. His first on-screen role Anna took in 2001 in the TV series “FM and children”, almost immediately after graduation. Now, behind 37-year-old actress more than twenty successful projects.

November 20 on the channel “Home” started a new series “What does your wife do?”, the main female role in which she played Anna Saliva. On the eve of a premiere the correspondent “StarHit” met with the actress over Breakfast. During the conversation she told me how much time it took to even after a divorce to become good parents that may replace the gadgets and some cooking secrets are passed down in their family.

Anna, when you go on shooting, who’s watching the kids?
Анна Слю: «Я честно говорю детям, почему папа с нами не живет»We are very attached to each other, so the children I take with me, if that expedition. I have people, our Kate, babysitter to call it impossible is a young, beautiful, talented girl who has become sleepy in our family. “What does your wife do?” we spent six months shooting in Kiev. We found different interesting activities for small. For example, they went to the gymnastics school of the Olympic reserve and to classes on sculpting on a pottery wheel. Children quickly adapt to everything. The main thing that mother was nearby. Of course, they still really miss me when I’m working. One day they came to me on the set, and the daughter loudly asks, “Mommy, why are you not living with us?” I was knocked out. Then I thought about it and realized: I’m leaving early in the morning when they’re still asleep, and come when they are already asleep. So, what’s the difference where, the main thing together. —
Children are addicted to what?
Анна Слю: «Я честно говорю детям, почему папа с нами не живет»The difference in the age of just two years, so they do everything together. Now together walk in the garden. I will have a little break between projects and after the New year they will be studying music English, to attend school of contemporary dance and martial arts. Also I want painted and then gave to the section on chess. But according to the wishes and interest. —
You have with them is their traditions?
Анна Слю: «Я честно говорю детям, почему папа с нами не живет»They love to help me in everything. Now we have a popular theme of cooking. Our horse – curd cookies! A week ask to make an Apple pie, too, to join the process. Son loves rice milk “from grandpa”. I myself try to avoid such Breakfast. Daughter loves the chicken liver pate that my mother’s a great cook. And I, too, sometimes trying to achieve perfection…

Son and daughter are always together?
Анна Слю: «Я честно говорю детям, почему папа с нами не живет»Yes, they seldom separate. I like it. I think it is very important that they understand that anyone they closer never will be. Closer and longer. They’re even in the garden to each other run – miss. We have a beautiful garden – there are good teachers who love children. —
Allow children to use the gadgets?
Анна Слю: «Я честно говорю детям, почему папа с нами не живет»This is a problem. After all, electronic devices do cause strong dependence and adversely affect the psyche. In General, a year ago broke my computer and iPad in a single day. This was all over. It turns out that for them it was not an event, well, broke. Harshly reprimanded and explained that other people’s things without permission to take with you. The punishment is simple: they were doing a year without the technology.

In the series “What does your wife do?” tells the story of a grief-the investigator whose career is going downhill. To a beloved husband is not upset, his wife begins to act. In your family life welcome such an approach?
Анна Слю: «Я честно говорю детям, почему папа с нами не живет»Marital relationship or a life with a guy is not my strong suit. My children have a wonderful father. I think that you need to always remember that for them you are inseparable beloved parents. It is a difficult path, but the only true one.—
How to share the responsibilities of raising children?
Анна Слю: «Я честно говорю детям, почему папа с нами не живет»The kind we have. Our doors are always open for dad. Children love him very much. Sometimes they are, of course, ask the question: “Why daddy does not live with us?”. I honestly replied that sometimes people find it very difficult to be together, so they separate, and then manages to keep more peace, warmth and respect to each other. Now many so live. In the garden the children discuss these points with each other. Today is a very progressive generation, especially considering the total fatherlessness. Seraphim and Tikhon understand what actually they are all very good. Besides, there are apps and phone, through which you can always get in touch with dad.