Анне Плетневой подарили трактор The singer was delighted with the unusual sign of attention from an admirer. Anna Pletneva has long been familiar with his most devoted fan, but this time his gift exceeded all expectations. The overjoyed actress went on special courses.

For that year, the former soloist of group “Vintage” Anna Pletnev gets an amazing gift from a fan. Connoisseur of creativity of the artist even accompanies her on all tours. The young man keeps track of the news from the life of Anna and carefully read her interview to fulfill all dreams and desires of the singer.

The singer admitted that she was very pleased to receive such attentions. A fan of Pletnev working as a teacher in high school and do not regret the time and money on gifts for the idol.

“Only that he did not invent the box with butterflies, baskets of snowdrops, flash mobs after me in the most unexpected places! – says Anna. And when I come back from a tour on the train, at each station, bring me flowers from him. This is simple guy, working as a teacher of mathematics in high school”.

Recently, a fan of Anna surprised her with an unusual present. The young man listened carefully to request your favorite artist and decided to fulfill one of her deepest wishes.

“I admitted that you dream about a tractor to have as soon as possible to remove all the snow from Moscow. And a few days around the Studio I waited for the tractor and my beautiful fan with the same bouquet of 101 roses. This is the most unusual gift I’ve ever received in my life!” – says the singer.

According to Pletnev, she’s already learned how to manage the iron horse. The singer went on to study and received the documents confirming its qualification.

“For 10 days I went through an accelerated online course driving machinery, but the exam had to pass the actual driving a tractor. For driving I have put “excellent”, I got my license and the certificate of the tractor operator-the driver. I confess that a feeling of responsibility for the prolonged winter, because in the day of the premiere of my new song “White” in Moscow happened anomalous snowfall, – has shared Anna. And when the track got all the charts, the spring seems to have decided not to rush to the capital. But I’m sure next week will be the April heat, the streams will run and everything will be very fast to melt. And then my new ability to restore the purity and order will become especially important”.