Anna Pletneva was down to 39 kg from love experiences

Анна Плетнева похудела до 39 кг от любовных переживаний
The singer maintains his spiritual practices.

Anna Pletneva

Photo: Polina Mikhailova

Every morning, Anna Pletneva recently starts with special exercises
which opens up all the chakras, from the bottom to the top, and charges the body mad
energy. And not to “jam” problem, she has established a certain diet.
By the way, he lets her in what itself not to limit. “my body is important
time to get what he wants, — said Pletnev. — If I am terribly
I wanted chocolate, I’ll eat it as long as you want. However, I have made a habit of
control the amount of food not to stretch the stomach. There is also a personal
the secret that I priderayus since childhood. You know, I have a very full
mother. Dad was worried and I’m chubby. So after dinner always
forced me to walk or just standing at stenochki. And in my memory since then
postponed that after eating you go to sleep is impossible”.

Anna with the growth of 153 cm, weight is 42 kg. And although the ex-soloist of group “Vintage” has managed in her life to give birth to three
children (she has two daughters, Masha and Varya, and son Cyril), she remains girlish
slim. She even scale control is not needed: Anna checks to see if all is normal, at
jeans that fit, even though they have for 20 years. Problem was always the loss
weight, not increase. Once she had removed the clip, where, in role, was a member of the
fights without rules — and a few days lost four pounds! Even had
fatten up to the usual weight. Happened in her life and critical history.

“Losing weight from love experiences, I weighed only 39 kilos, —
the singer admits that had experienced a painful divorce from his first
husband. — It was scary to watch! With my little one growth, even
kg plays”.

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