Анна Плетнева провела трое суток в лондонской тюрьме
The singer said that she was deported.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Anna Pletnev said that her eldest daughter, Varya, who is now going through adolescence, very similar to her at this age.

“It is absolutely my copy, the same daring, — said the singer. — Cooking a few times ran away from home. Sometimes Packed and sometimes
so, with empty hands. And the last time she ran barefoot in the
snow somewhere, I do not understand where. So it’s not easy. I would
told my parents with me too wasn’t easy, but they got me
differently educated, not like my children. I don’t know how they
I was released at the age of fifteen to the disco… That is, I don’t even
asked. Was in a short skirt, in the cold, without money. My friends
caught the car that dropped us off at four in the morning. Could happen all
anything we could take away, steal! I’m sure that my parents
he was worried about me, but didn’t tell me anything”.

And when she was 16 years old, about as much as now var, Pletneva even got in jail.

“I was arrested in London, recalls the singer. And I
spent three days in jail for a minor went on
the English capital without rights on my usual right side, and then
I was deported to Moscow. No idea if now with Varya, not
God forbid, this happened, I would be crazy! And the parents then I don’t even what is not asked. I think that my
parents generally never taught me, and allowed me to develop
in a natural way. And I am for my children I am a teacher. Even if I wanted
to provide them with the freedom enjoyed by itself, would not
turned out: they still three. I can’t allow them to do anything
anyone, because the house will start a huge chaos. I remember my parents
she took me to the teacher on music. And I told her the door was not opened when
she came to me. She calls, and I’m under the bed climb, and I think that
if I’m in bed, I was really not at home. In our situation
that’s impossible.”

The full interview with Anna Pletneva read in the latest issue of the magazine “7 days”.