Anna Pletneva commented on his divorce

Анна Плетнева прокомментировала свой развод
The singer was unable to accept the role of “the unloved wife”.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

“You know, probably every woman needs to experience at least one bad divorce in my life, — says the soloist of the (now — former) and producer of the group “Vintage” Anna Pletnev. And I get this — music divorce, but actually is very heavy and hard. It’s like the couple who are already very much together, have jointly acquired property, children… of Course, I was very worried about it and worried until now. After all, we were together ten wonderful years, and I am grateful to Alex for this time, for our joint victory. Hardly my creative life would have been as successful if it hadn’t been such a loyal friend like Alex Romanoff. But I’m not in personal life nor in the profession never would put up with the role of the unloved wife, who waits will not wait, when her husband will no longer walk on the side. I’m just not that person. My new song is called “angel” you will soon hear, she very accurately describes the situation that now exists in my life…”

Thus, many years of cooperation, which linked Alexei Romanoff and Anna Pletnev, ended with breakup. The singer believes that part of the blame in this one, Alexis. “Since we’ve moved in different directions. Alesha has appeared in some of his projects and I knew that this is affecting our joint activities. On the other hand, fans have embraced “Vintage” stereotype. People wanted to see at concerts all the same “bad girl” that I was ten years ago, and that the scene was the overt sexuality, the audacity, the outrageous. Not all came that our group is still music. We have many lyrical and deep songs that people like-it is not really perceived. We brought them on the radio, but there we were told: “No! You “Vintage”, you should be ridiculous, funny, outrageous, sexy.” At some point I was no longer happy. So in August of last year we together made the decision that I leave the group and go solo in “swimming” — be actress Anna Pletneva. But “Vintage” will remain just faces there will be others. We gained new soloists, and all sort of we made it”.

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