Anna Pletnev decided to adopt a child

Анна Плетнева решила усыновить ребенка
The singer told how to react to this decision, her children.

Anna Pletneva

Photo: Alexander Vasilyev

Anna Pletnev decided to adopt
child. “This story happened three years ago when we arrived to the orphanage
with new year’s gifts, — says the singer. I stood in the hallway,
surrounded by a noisy crowd of guys, and suddenly my back felt someone watching me.
I turned around and saw a girl about five years old. In a second she rushed up to me with
a cry of “Mama!”. Embraced by the legs and started to cry. It happens quite often
kids come and ask: “are You my mother?” But these emotions are not met

As a result, the star decided to take to the family of the girl, the mother was deprived of parental rights. Children of the singer is very positive
reacted to this news. Anna gathered all the documents necessary for
adoption girls, but at the last moment it turned out that Pauline (the so-called
baby) wants to get his own mother.

“I called the Director of the orphanage. I went to the office and
saw the girl. It was a mother to Paulie, she was here for my daughter… I
had to give up girls for the sake of her happiness”, — says Pletnev. The full interview of Anna read in the new issue of the magazine “Karavan