Anna Peskova perhaps due to Alpine skiing

Анна Пескова похудела благодаря горным лыжам
The star of the show “Family values” dropped 6 lbs, doing sports.


Anna Peskova, star of TV series “pregnancy Test” and “Family values” looks graceful and fragile. But, like many women, she is familiar with the problems with excess weight. From the first to the tenth grade, Anna studied Russian folk dancing, and there fragile and skinny women not. And after school when Peskov entered the Shchukin school, and then transferred to the Chelyabinsk state Academy of culture and arts the Department of theatre, film and television, the actress weighed 59 pounds.

“At that moment I wanted to get closer to the gold standard: if my height is 158 cm, I was supposed to weigh 48, — Anna remembers. — Asked mom, “How do I lose weight? What to do?” But mom said, “No, you’re all right, it’s all youth — cheeks, the swelling”. Now look at your photos of the time, I think: “cheeks was”. (Smiles.)

Anna played sports, walked to the gym in the winter he went skiing. On the outskirts of Chelyabinsk is a wonderful ski resort. There Peskov with friends and was out on the weekend. “The whole load and gave the result: in six months I lost six pounds, and it quite significantly for my growth, — says Anna. — Had long been living in Moscow in the summer I ride my bike on the center or on the Sparrow hills. Can travel 30-35 kilometers. And I walk a lot. When the weather is nice, why not take a walk? In the output go out at ten in the morning, for example, in the Park, and then on around the city: everything is in bloom, beauty. Coming home at ten at night, check my phone, usually the day time to pass kilometres ten to fifteen. Now I weigh 55 kilograms, and that suits me fine”.

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