Anna Peskova: “Fundamentally I do not accept gifts from fans”

Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников» The star of the show “Family values” admitted that does not like publicity. Anna Peskova glad that her husband Dmitry Pristanskov sympathetic to the costs of her profession. The actress has confessed that he tries to be my husband and very honest.
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»

Monday on TV “Dомашний” launched the series “Family values”, which tells about the difficult life of a ballerina. In the story, a young woman caught in a web of intrigue and conspiracy, and the people she considers friends, are only pretending to be so. They are willing to do anything to get a talented ballet dancer. The role of the heroine Tatyana Garaevoy performed famous actress Anna Peskova. In an interview with “StarHit” she told me about what is different from the character, and the intrigues with which she had to face in real life.

How long did you prepare for the role of a ballerina? Talked with someone from the artists to get into the character?
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»I started a few months before the motor, first in Moscow, then in Minsk, where the shooting took place. In the capital of Belarus to prepare for the role helped me prima ballerina of the Opera and ballet theatre Lyudmila khitrova. She showed movement, we together, they rehearsed, rehearsed dance, which became the title of the movie and entered the trailer. For me it was important that the audience believe in me and my character, and so everything had to be believable. I worked at the bench and practiced the elements: typically, my training started at 11 o’clock in the evening, after a hard and busy day on the set. Also I read books about the life and fate of the great ballerinas such as Anna Pavlova, Maya Plisetskaya, Galina Ulanova, Mathilde Kschessinska, Ulyana Lopatkina and others. But in some particularly difficult scenes, Lyudmila I dubbed, and our wonderful operator Yuriy Bekhterev professionally and sensitively filmed scenes with me.
And as a child you dreamed of becoming a ballerina?
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»Ballet I have always loved as a spectator. And love folk dancing, Pointe work never was. And during the preparation for the series I had not only to learn a new skill, plunging into Wednesday, I had to completely change the idea of dance basics. Movement in folk dancing down, and in the ballet, by contrast, is “up”. It was also difficult, as if from the ground to swing into the sky…—
What was the most difficult for you while preparing for the role?
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»Psychologically one of the most difficult traits of the heroine was that Tatiana somewhat childish and does not see the obvious. For example, when she cheated, she took everything at face value and do nothing. I like a man with a certain life experience, could not understand all sewn with white thread, and she doesn’t understand why? And we with the Director have long sought a psychological explanation and an excuse.

The actor’s life too there is a lot of envy. Have you come across in life with the betrayal of loved ones, like your character?
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»I know intrigues. At the theatre Academy, we set the play, which was supposed to go to the show in Moscow. And the struggle for the main role: intrigue, deception. To work in such conditions I did not want to, understand that even if you get the part, it will not bring me satisfaction. And I just got out of the game. As it turned out, the day before the trip one girl got to hospital with poisoning, which set her another of our classmate. Some were willing to do for a career. This is even scary to imagine. Thank God, in my life right now…And this is not good people, including colleagues on the set, I come across more often, and I am happy to work as one family.—
For Tatyana Garaevoy betrayal the inner circle and the injury becomes a turning point in life. And what difficulties did you face personally?
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»To reset everything and start from scratch – Yes, I think that’s what in my life was a real challenge. At some point I decided to leave work on your favorite TV channel STS in Chelyabinsk, where I received the award as the best TV presenter, and to go to conquer St. Petersburg. With one suitcase, no home, no job, no contacts in this position I found myself in a new city in the midst of the 2008 crisis. There was no work, shot very little, and to break into film as a young actress with little experience was hard.

What you look like with your character, and what is between you is the fundamental difference?
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»Perhaps we are similar in absolute honesty and sincerity. But the fundamental difference is excessive immaturity Tatiana, which we have already spoken. For example, unlike my heroine, I notice when I was trying to cheat. I absolutely do not accept when a person goes with the flow and not trying to change your life, blaming the circumstances. Man’s happiness in his hands you cannot sit and wait for the sea weather! You need to work, to strive, you need to dream and go for their goals. The only way you can develop your personality. Tatiana, long under the pressure of his mother and her husband were unable to make decisions and to act independently. She was used to all agree and did not realize that her destiny is ruled by others. But once life has put her under severe need to begin to decide for themselves. In the end, through pain, mistakes and loss everything fell into place, and my character has found himself and his family.—
Do you know how to recognize people with treacherous intentions?
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»I am very sensitive to lies and pretty quickly notice that the man is disingenuous and starts to cheat. A second chance I try to give to everyone. But if you see that he continues to prevaricate, then we part ways forever…

Probably men fans looking for a meetings and showered with gifts. How do you react to such a manifestation of attention?
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»Despite my profession, I’m actually not very fond of publicity. Meeting fans does not happen so often. Fan-men I would be pleased to hear about my work, about the roles to get a postcard with a wish. Fundamentally accept flowers and gifts only from relatives of the men from a beloved husband, father-in-law, father’s sister’s husband. With them I feel very happy!—
Jealous of your husband Dmitry Pristanskov many fans?
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»We with the husband the complete trust and understanding between us there are no secrets and innuendo, and therefore cause for jealousy there is none of us. To feel each other, understand and trust is very important. Otherwise, why be together?—
Whether you are dreaming about kids or while you are going all the power to give exclusively the work?
Анна Пескова: «Принципиально не принимаю подарки от поклонников»We live in such a great time, when one does not exclude the other: it is possible and even necessary to combine job and family. Who said that you need to choose? In my opinion, life is not complete if you limit yourself or work, or family. I believe only if you are developing around what’s important to you, you are truly happy. As said by Margaret Thatcher: “the House should be the center, but not the border world of women”.

You have already managed to pull in quite a lot of different movies and TV shows, and also worked as a producer.In what area would you like to develop further?
My life I associate with the movie, both as actress and as producer. It is two sides of my profession, which I love endlessly. Now star in the title role of the series “boomerang” for channel “Russia”, and the second part of the series “pregnancy Test”. In November of this year, the premiere of another full-length film about the military operations of the 41st year under the Kalinin – “be careful when you leave”, Director Pavel Drozdov, where I played a major role. As a producer, along with film company “2ДЦеллулоид” and Vasily Solovyov, who last year we released the film “Good boy”, preparing for the launch of a new project – a feature film “Sanaton”. It gives me enormous pleasure that in my profession you can combine so many things.