Anna Peskova and Igor Lifanov received medals

Анна Пескова и Игорь Лифанов получили медали
Actors of the series “Five minutes of silence” was awarded “For promotion of rescue case”.

Анна Пескова и Игорь Лифанов получили медали

Anna Peskova, Igor Lifanov and Roman Curtin

Photo: Press service

Anna Peskova and Igor Lifanov, who played the main role in
the adventure series about the everyday life search and rescue team MOE “Five
minutes of silence”, were awarded medals. After the premiere of the series
the entire crew was invited to a meeting with state Secretary — Deputy
Minister of the Russian Federation of emergency situations and liquidation
the consequences of natural disasters Vladimir Artamonov, which was awarded and thanked the actors, noting
that his memory is the only Russian film showing the actions
the staff of the Ministry.

Vladimir Artamonov has awarded to Anna sand

Photo: Press service

She is the only girl in the search and rescue
the unit, along with it three men. To prepare for shooting
Anya six months heavily involved in sports and learned the basics of rescue operations. Already
in the first shooting days she had to go down on climbing equipment
from the cliff.

“I gladly accepted the invitation to play in this project, the more that was written a very interesting and rich
the script about the daily life search and rescue team, — has shared Anna. — After
I understand how difficult it is, how difficult it is to work in this
unit. And I can say that even with the big respect began to concern to
people who linked their fate with the MOE. A great honour and, of course, a large
responsibility to obtain the medal “For promotion of rescue case””.