Анна Орис примерила образ Шализ Терон The star of the series “What is required” turned into a Hollywood celebrity. Anna Oris had to make every effort to be as similar to Charlize Theron. Prior to filming, and in the process she has faced some difficulties.


    Анна Орис примерила образ Шализ Терон

    Actress Anna Oris took part in the author’s project of the St. Petersburg photographer Anna Evlanova devoted to reincarnation. As planned, Anne had to try on the role of Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, and it was her way to make a commercial of the iconic J’adore from Dior.

    “To become as similar to Charlize, I’m a few dozen times I watched this ad,” admits Anna. – And yet thoroughly studied the role of the Evil Queen that Charlize played in the movie “Snow white”.

    Oris had to strain to portray Theron, after all, in ordinary life, the girl does not look like a Hollywood star.

    Анна Орис примерила образ Шализ Терон

    The shooting, which took place at the Hermitage Museum and lasted five hours, with Anna happened several mystical stories. “At first there were problems with the dress,” recalls the actress. – At the last moment we were called and told that it will not. To understand the reason was once, we had the task as soon as possible to find another in the right style. Had to raise all the friends, and barely, at the last moment found a suitable outfit – dress from Arina Paradise. I’ve never been a blonde, and as I have quite dark hair, repaint them quickly and without problems was impossible. So I decided to take the wig: wear it so that it looked artificial, it was hard, and the work in it was not comfortable, heavy, all itching. But I, at the request of the makeup artist, to lighten my eyebrows so they are more suited to blondes”.

    A lot of inconvenience brought to the actress and the crew of Directorate of Hermitage.

    “We are constantly asked to move from one room to another Hermitage, although he had no right to do – shoot was scheduled, we had permission. Because of this, we worked two times longer than required,” says Anna.

    This fall, Oris involved in three projects. The girl played in the series “What’s required” Director Ivan Kitaev, which premiered the fifth of September 2016 on the First channel. Also the audience will see Anna on channel five in the project of Director Sergei Mezentsev “Human factorSuch work and in the third part of the series “Shaman” directed by Maxim Kubanskogo on the channel Russia. On a regular basis Anna works in Saint-Petersburg theatre “the Island”.