Anna Netrebko’s phenomenal thin!

Анна Нетребко феноменально похудела!
Opera diva delighted fans with new forms.

Anna Netrebko

Photo: personal archive of Anna Netrebko

Netrebko has published on Instagram a new photo taken during the breaks
between rehearsals. The picture shows the singer dressed in a blue blouse and skinny jeans
is in the company of the wife of Yusif Eyvazov and colleagues at the Mariinsky theatre. Fans
Opera diva immediately “fell asleep” Anna compliments: it is noticeable that the star
lost weight, and quite extreme, almost 10 pounds!

“Yes!!! Anya!!! Very pretty!!!”, “The beauty of graceful! Wish You Success!”, Anushka
slender and insanely beautiful! My idol! Talented in everything!!!”, “Anya!
The statuette!!! Gorgeous!!!”, “You’re so small and thin!”, “What legs
Anna” — say members.

Netrebko who were grateful to receive all feedback, said that she is not sitting
no hard diets and lost weight due to balanced diet and
stress at work.

However, Anna still has a set of rules, which it
adheres to food. publishes it the full version.

1. She does a very good job
food, but if she wants, can eat a hamburger or bun, but not often
1-2 times a week;

2. The singer is quite dense
tour schedule, and don’t always get to eat. Perhaps this
was the cause of the rapid decline Hosanna – an active person, but
gym not attend. Instead, she prefers walking
beloved husband outdoors;

3.Singer only likes home
food and rarely eats;

4. Your diet Netrebko tries
to make useful products: cereals, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, berries,
dried fruit, seafood, cheese, eggs. Fried, smoked, sweets and
cakes it limits.