Anna Netrebko spoke about the special operation in Ukraine Recently, fans admired Anna Netrebko, who did not succumb to pressure from the West and did not speak out against Russia.

Anna Netrebko spoke about the special operation in Ukraine In this regard, the opera the diva lost her job in prestigious theaters, and the management quickly found Ukrainian artists to replace her. “Anna Netrebko spoke about the special operation in Ukraine” />

After that, the singer took a break from her career and went to the Emirates, announcing to her audience that she was putting performances on pause and would spend several months on vacation and travel. And already a couple of days after these words, something went wrong, well, or someone influenced Netrebko, in general, she suddenly realized that she was not a patriot at all, declaring that she sharply condemns and in general, she has long been a resident of Austria and pays taxes there. So, you can not count on it in case of something.

Anna Netrebko spoke about special operations in Ukraine

And after a vacation in Dubai, Netrebko plans to return to the stage. to the European stage. So, sensing that in the Old World they could close her career, Anna quickly changed the record. Probably also against the background of the fact that some countries have mentioned that they can cancel the passports of Russian residents. In general, Netrebko decided that life among respectable and smiling Europeans is dearer to her.

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