Anna Netrebko has told of significant progress in the development of the son

Анна Нетребко поведала о заметном прогрессе в развитии сына The diva took a child to a regular school. Now the boy is studying in Vienna along with all. Anna Netrebko and her husband Yusif Eyvazov glad Thiago is making incredible progress. Famous couple hopes that this bold experiment will justify itself.

      Opera singer Anna Netrebko has a son Thiago who is autistic. Spouse artist Yusif Eyvazov directly involved in a child’s life and tries to do everything for him to grow as a whole person. Recently in a family of artists was a significant event – they decided that the son, it is time to communicate more with other children. They chose the school to be their heir. Despite the fact that Thiago went to a special school in new York, now he will live in Europe.

      “Yes, we have good news: we took him to a completely normal school in Vienna. He goes there from September, the fourth grade student. Thiago was ready for it. Of course, for development it is a little behind children her age…” – told spouse Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov.

      The couple had no doubt that Thiago must be in regular school, where the class learns a large number of peers. They are happy that their son will communicate with other children to understand relations in the team.

      Also Anna and Yusif encourage passion boy music. They noticed the child’s talent and hope that he will become a famous conductor. Eyvazov pleasantly surprised that Thiago makes remarkable progress in different fields of activity – they believe that the child has a good voice – he sings very clearly and correctly.

      The boy pays attention to not only music but also sports. Now he takes karate and enjoys training. The famous Opera couple regrets that she so often spends time with the heir. The couple tour a lot.

      “We’re most of the time spend in Europe. Fly to Vienna from Moscow, from Petersburg, Berlin, London is much easier than to fly to new York. So let’s see… Today was such a wonderful moment when Anna school explained to the teacher that my son has a little problem with speech. As Thiago says, “Mom, I have no problem with it, I’m fine. I speak Russian, English and a little bit of “Deutsch”, Spanish,” said Yusuf in an interview with “OK!”.