Anna Netrebko has told about the life her son is autistic

Анна Нетребко рассказала о жизни её сына аутиста
Opera diva boasted achievements of the eight-year-old Thiago.

Anna Netrebko with son Tiago

Photo: @anna_netrebko_yusi_tiago Instagram

Anna Netrebko has told how her son — eight-year-old Thiago — to cope with studying abroad. It’s amazing being across the ocean from Russia, the son of actress is making enormous progress. Recently the diva shared with subscribers that Thiago, who suffers from autism, and is learning two languages at once: English and Russian. Most of the time the son Netrebko speaks English, but at home Anna tries to communicate with the boy in Russian.

“For those who asked if Thiago in Russian- answer: says. Being autistic, he did not speak until 4 years and no one has promised that he will do it at all. But God bless the teachers and therapists of the Institute of ABA in new York, who worked with him. The result is obvious. First language — English!” — said Anna. The singer admits that such tremendous achievements are visible for the most part thanks to the work of specialists with the baby.

Recall that Tiago came to light as a result of the novel Anna with baritone from Uruguay Erwin Schrott. In 2013, they decided to leave, and within a year, Netrebko was engaged to Yusif Eyvazov. On the eve of last New year, the couple celebrated calico wedding.