Anna Netrebko has spoken out about rapid weight loss

Анна Нетребко высказалась о стремительной потере веса  Opera diva sees no need to change something in your figure. Anna Netrebko has made it clear that it is against any standards. Her weight remains constant for eight years. The star gave an answer to everyone who recently admired her slimness.

      Anna Netrebko is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and brightest Opera singers in the world. Her focused attention of fans, who in recent years have not tired to do the star compliments about her slenderness. Thinner Anna Netrebko’t know fans

      Fans have noted that Anna Netrebko is markedly postrhinal, and her incredible new outfits from world famous brands, which she not long ago showed in his microblog. Subscribers massively interested in the singer, how she got so thin. Anna took the floor, and probably disappointing those who were planning to sit on the same diet, and the Opera diva. Netrebko said that she was not to lose weight, but her weight has remained unchanged for the past eight years.

      “Finally decided to dispel the myth about weight loss, just to avoid confusion. My weight is about the same for the last 8 years and it suits me perfectly. Any diets I do not accept and eat whatever I like in moderation. And I am absolutely against stupid standards. Every woman has their body and have to be myself, regardless of age, growth and size,” wrote Anna Netrebko in the microblog.

      Subscribers stars once again admired her attitude and amazing ability to be themselves in any situation. “One can see Kuban character. At us on Kuban bring personality, individuality and not what would someone be equal, only if on the brain”, “Anorexia today is not true! Beautiful body – Yes!”, “How right you are! I agree one hundred percent! Every woman has their own beauty, and it’s perfect!” “You look wonderful in any outfit because I love you”, “you Need to love yourself, the people who surround you, and your life and be thankful! Because beauty radiates from the inside out, and the standards imposed by the influence of fashion, that’s all,” he supported Anna Netrebko fans.

      The Opera singer has admitted that incredibly happy, linking his life with the favourite person Yusif Eyvazov. Fans do not get tired to admire the harmony of the family of the actress and her husband. The actors recall with warmth the familiarity, after which quickly able to understand that they are literally made for each other. “When she was found, managed in a short time become friends. Now don’t understand how they lived without each other before,” admitted to “StarHit” Eyvazov. Yusif also got along great with his son Tiago Netrebko. However, a couple of dreams that in their family there was one child. However, the couple can take a backseat and think at the right time they sure the baby will be born.