Anna Netrebko has revealed her son’s fiancee

Анна Нетребко показала невесту своего сына
Opera diva are excited about the future daughter-in-law.

Photo: Instagram

This autumn, the son of Anna Netrebko Thiago will be fulfilled only 10 years old, but he already has a fiancée. At least, that’s my future daughter-in-law introduced Opera diva darling in his personal blog.

As it turned out, this cute blonde girl that offered adults in his congratulatory message to toast with eggs, the daughter of friends of Anna and Yusif Eyvazov.

“Whatever you say, our future daughter-in-law!” — wrote Netrebko. And in English he added: “the Girl of my son Thiago congratulates us on Easter!”

“Girl is on fire! What have your family!” — wrote to Anna fans.

Netrebko very often publishes video with his 9-year-old son. Her pride, that boy sings very well.

But five years ago Anna said that her boy will never be able to sing but even to say, putting a boy diagnosed with autism. But, thanks to the professional teachers and doctors the child not only speaks two languages: Russian and English, but also plays sports, sings and leads a completely normal lifestyle.

Recall that Tiago came to light as a result of the novel Anna with baritone from Uruguay Erwin Schrott. In 2013, they decided to leave, and within a year, Netrebko was engaged to Yusif Eyvazov. They got married on the eve of the New year 2016. Yusif, by the way, very quickly found a common language with Thiago. And, if you look at how they communicate, never say that they are not the native father and the son.