Anna Netrebko has dispelled myths about the fabulous work

Анна Нетребко развеяла мифы о баснословных заработках

Opera diva whose voice is considered the main planet of soprano Anna Netrebko has been a character on the program Once, where he told the host about the real amounts of their earnings. Despite the fact that her concerts draw full houses, the singer not so much earns as she is credited with gossip. According to the results of Forbes, Anna earns 7.5 million euros. This news angered Netrebko, which she even filed for publication in the court of law.

Анна Нетребко развеяла мифы о баснословных заработках

“The media wrote, if I made seven and a half million dollars per year, but this is absolutely not true. Don’t know where they got these figures. Honestly, I don’t have that kind of money, if you sell the entire property, all that I have, can and will be released about this amount.” recognized celebrity.

The diva also talked about real estate, which can not be break up. “However, I can’t say goodbye with apartments in new York and Vienna, as they bought in installments for 30 years,” says Netrebko.

Anna confesses that he earns is not enough, but saving money is not able. Therefore, the money in their family began accumulated soon after her marriage by supporting her husband Yusif Eyvazov.

“Anna does not like to communicate with representatives of financial institutions, wants to fill a variety of documents. I’m a more organized person, so for all monetary questions”, confirms the words of his beloved Eyvazov.

Анна Нетребко развеяла мифы о баснословных заработках

At the moment, the couple with a son living in apartments in Vienna and new York, where successfully work, both together and separately. When life Opera diva was a beloved husband, she completely changed. Man loves her son. “He is a very caring person, loves Thiago, my son, constantly showering me with gifts. Yusif love it when I wear beautiful jewelry. As a result, I accumulated a whole chest of jewels from him,” says Anna.

Bsif admitted the host of the show “Once” Sergey Mayorov, that Tiago is the main man in his life. The boy was diagnosed with autism, which is very difficult to communicate with others. But man he took very well and now they are friends.

Famous Opera diva, whose concerts gather people from all over the world in Opera halls, said that he considers himself a Russian artist and cannot change. Despite the fact that along with Russian citizenship, the girl has also Austrian, she could not forget the beloved country. The German language is hard enough. The host asked Anna what language a girl thinks during a performance of the Opera. “Well, in Russian of course, I’m Russian.” says the performer. Since Netrebko married Yousif, her life became very “Russian”.