Anna Netrebko celebrated a son’s birthday in an unusual way

Анна Нетребко отпраздновала день рождения сына необычным образом
This week in the family Opera singers Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov was an important event, a pair of son Thiago was 9 years old.

Анна Нетребко отпраздновала день рождения сына необычным образом

Birthday was usually celebrated in Austria, where recently the boy started school in a regular school. The parents decided to organize an unusual holiday, choosing for celebration paleontological Museum.

“Birthday Thiago, we celebrated in the paleontological Museum, – said Yusif. – Chose this place because children are not surprise cafe, or “McDonalds”. They were there a hundred times, but here is something new! Tishka was invited to your party classmates. His friends are pleasantly surprised when they learned that the celebration will take place in the Museum, everyone was very happy! For the children we planned the whole entertainment. First, the guests presented the gifts to her son. The kids had stopped Thiago boxes with surprises!

Анна Нетребко отпраздновала день рождения сына необычным образом

Anya gave him a LEGO ‘ and educational games. For example, he loves to collect and paint cars, creative approaches this matter! Then the children came a magician, who showed various mystical numbers. But the most memorable for the guests was hall, where everyone could fly in space! Of course, not for real! In a specially equipped children’s room dressed in a suit of the astronauts, even gave the suit, and then launched a hologram of the cosmos.

Of course, my parents didn’t see it, but the stories of the kids, the show was a success! The whole celebration cost us about 3000 euros, this is a very reasonable price for Vienna. I would say low, because this amount included a varied program, which the children remember still!”

Thiago was also congratulated by relatives from Russia, only their father somehow found time to congratulate his own son.

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